Back and Neck Pain

Working long hours  on  your computer or grinding through the daily commute can be a real  pain in the neck (or back!). Those annoying niggles from sport, work or garden can contribute to a crisis situation and that can mean sleep disruption and painful time away from the game or your job. 
A thorough assessment of your symptoms to create a targeted management plan for you will help get you back to what you enjoy doing faster. Other investigations such as Xrays, podiatry, reports or phonecalls to your GP can be arranged if necessary.

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Shoulder Pain

Whether you're the young mobile swimmer, the slouching teenager or the computer savvy grandparent on Facebook sore shoulders can interfere with many fun or necessary activities. Postural changes as we age or poor habits, sporting strains or niggles from renovating or lugging babies and toddlers around can all take it's toll. Together we can coach your muscles back to fitness which in many cases can restore painfree function.

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Knee Pain

Our knees are often taken for granted until one day you notice something has changed either dramatically or subtlely. Maybe years of wear from flat feet has weakened the thigh muscles and can leave the knee and the kneecap or patella vulnerable to injury from sport, ageing and weightgain.
 Genetic factors  plus injury can lead to arthritis.

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Sports Injuries

sportsWe know how much mountains residents love their sports, from cycling to soccer and more recently the popularity of pole dancing and boxing among women is on the rise! Our understanding from current research is proving that 'exercise is the best medicine' as our grannies knew all those years ago.  Exercise can sometimes result in injuries from overtraining, poor technique or accidents.

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Workcover injuries

 An injury at work can be cause for great concern but there are many ways that we can help get you back on the job again. By joining with your GP, case manager and rehabilitation provider we can communicate with the team for your safest  return to work .


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Medicare Plans

Medicare has offered Enhanced Primary Care Plans for some years now for eligible patients . Your GP can assess whether you meet the criteria for up to 5 subsidised sessions of physiotherapy. It is quite possible to make significant inroads into symptoms that you might have accepted as the norm. As we often say regarding muscle and joint problems...if it's weak ,you can strengthen it. If it's tight ,you can stretch it and if it's wobbly ,you can stabilise it! So with exercises , bracing or taping , innersoles and education to make you more aware of your alignment it's worth a short trial of treatment.

Post Operative Physiotherapy

If you've had recent surgery or are about to go through an operation  to reconstruct or replace a joint such as your knee, hip , shoulder or ankle then we can give you the confidence to  start the process of getting back to normal. It's often  diificult to know how hard to push yourself but by following your surgeon's guidelines and recognising that no two people are the same we can  get you through the rehab process .We manage all stages from the initial post-op to the final outcome. We understand that different pain thresholds , healing rates ,age , sport ,occupation and operative techniques will impact your recovery so we will adapt to your individual situation.

If you require pre-hab ,we can take you through the exercise protocols prior to your operation to give you a headstart if possible.You can even learn how to use your crutches beforehand which is especially helpful if you have stairs to negotiate.

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Casting and Bracing

If you require a plaster then your GP will be able to send you to our clinic and we will as far as possible, apply it within that day . The fibreglass is light and conveniently waterproof.. a great advantage in the summer months and for showering. The traditional plaster of Paris is also available as required for initial backslab application to allow for swelling resolution.

Various braces can be ordered and fitted for some lower limb fractures and Achilles tendonopathy. Splints and braces for carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and de Quervain thumb problems can be ordered and customised to the individual.